Summer with Health and Beauty: Tips for Skin, Body and Hair

1. Summer with health and beauty asks for water!

Keeping your body hydrated is important throughout the year, but in summer, because of the high temperatures, the body needs an extra dose. Doctors and experts recommend the intake of 2-3L daily. Did you find much? Begin gradually, increasing 500ml with each new glass of water. A good tip is to always walk with a bottle in the shoulder, because only this will stimulate your desire to drink water.


Many people believe that it is necessary to use the protector only when they are on the beach or in the pool. This is myth! Daily, even in other seasons, we are exposed to the sun's rays and along with them, the harmful rays UVA and UVB, which cause, in addition to premature aging, spots and even cancer. In summer, due to the higher incidence of this radiation, sunscreen with at least 30 Factor for darker skins and 50 Factor for lighter and more sensitive skins is recommended. If your sun exposure is prolonged, reapplication is recommended every 2 hours.


Do not know why you never get that tan without looking "toasted" or a "shrimp"? Why does your skin always peel, crack, or fill with marks? Hydration! It is as important as protection because our body and skin need to recover from the damage they have suffered during the day. So, a summer with health and beauty has to be from the inside out and from the outside in! In addition to the right water and supplements, moisturizing creams and formulas are also important.


Regardless of the method used, whether laser, razor blade or wax, epilation causes an aggression to the skin. It removes the protective layer and leaves it more sensitive. Then the bonus tip above remains valid: throw hydration and try to shave for at least two days before sun exposure. In case of laser, at least 10 days before.


Want to give a good reduction in those holes that bother all women and even some men? Drink plenty of fluids, avoid frying, soda and sugar. In more severe cases, bet on lymphatic drainage. But a session just is not enough, just like doing one of the recommended care. It takes consistency and persistence!

Posted on May 14, 2018 at 03:33 PM