Good Resolution: The 10 Health Tips

Resolution # 1 - I'm abandoning industrial foods

Saturated with hidden sugars, poor-quality fats, preservatives or salt, industrial foods are composed of ingredients that leave something to be desired. Many studies relate industrial food to increasing obesity and related diseases.

Resolution # 2 - I equip myself to save time

Too busy to cook fresh food? The key is in specialized equipment: a blender, a steamer, a food processor to dramatically reduce preparation time and take advantage of nutrients from food. Their features and autonomy make them valuable cooking seconds: no more excuses to eat better!

Resolution # 3 - I eat a kiwi every morning

Champion of vitamin C, the kiwi is the ideal fruit of the breakfast, in front of the orange. Although orange juice is very pleasant to drink, it is nevertheless rich in simple sugars and raises blood sugar quickly. A kiwi every morning is to put all the chances on his side to be healthy!

Resolution # 4 - I vary the sources of protein

Red meat is rich in iron, but it significantly acidifies the body. Quality proteins that are easily assimilated by the body are preferred. Poultry, fish, rabbit; egg can alternate with vegetable protein: lentils, chickpeas, soy.

Resolution # 5 - I move to sweat

Sport is one of the pillars to safeguard our health. Activity cardio, dance, swimming, walking: everyone can find a sport adapted to their personality. We practice regularly, that is to say at least twice in the week or more slowly every day, in the case of walking.

Resolution # 6 - I prink less often

Alcohol is part of our culture and is a factor of social connection. Nevertheless, we now know that excesses cause significant damage according to age, and the repercussions can take place years later, by accentuating cognitive aging for example.

Resolution # 7 - I go to bed early

Obesity, heart diseases, depression: the consequences of lack of sleep are numerous and especially serious. No equality: to each organism, a sleep time of its own is essential. We go to bed early to find out about her needs and we run off screens before going to bed.

Resolution # 8 - I think

Doing your body work is good, but it's not enough: the brain also needs gymnastics. Contrary to what one might think, the brain can make connections between neurons throughout life: we go for crosswords, video games cognitive exercises, card games.

Resolution # 9 - I stop strict diets

When you have a few pounds to lose, you can be tempted by a quick diet: serious mistake! In addition to tiring the body, we take in most cases the lost pounds, even a few extra. To lose healthy, we take our time, and even better: we consult a professional for a follow-up adapted and serious.

Resolution # 10 - I adopt hygienic reflexes

To avoid illnesses, basic hygiene rules must be followed: body hygiene and hand washing throughout the day, cleaning of teeth, dishwashing, preservation of food, and ventilation of rooms these daily actions that maintain our health.

Posted on May 12, 2018 at 05:22 PM