Here are our tips to cook perfectly on the grill or pan, a steak, a kebab or simply a steak:

- Remove the meat from the cold for at least 20 minutes before cooking: this avoids temperature shocks and light marbling of fat in the heart of the meat will melt and make it more tender.

- Heat the grill or pan without adding fat at first. If you put fat from the beginning, when the grill or pan is at the right temperature, the fat will have burned and will be unfit for consumption. Allow the grill or pan to warm up before greasing with a lightly oiled paper towel.

- Season the meat before cooking on each side: salt, pepper, herbs, spices, according to your taste. Salt is essential: it is an agent of flavor which, at the moment when the meat begins to crust, will feed the meat to heart. It also helps to color the meat into a beautiful, appetizing brown.

- Do not turn the meat right away: allow time for the crust to form and detach the piece of meat from the surface of the grill. As long as it hangs is that the proteins are not quite coagulated and the Maillard reaction is not completed. Patience.

- The reaction of Maillard creates a kind of caramelization on the surface (well, it's more complicated than that, but we are not in chemistry class) and an impermeable crust is formed that retains all the juices in the heart of the meat. To avoid losing these juices, do not prick the meat with a spike or fork. Use meat tongs or just two tablespoons.

- Once the meat is returned, wait in the same way that the reaction of Maillard operates. Then finish cooking according to taste, to get a blue piece, bleeding or point. Then lower the heat to obtain the desired cooking. A tip to know the degree of cooking? If you press the meat with the tip of your finger (be careful not to burn yourself anyway), the blue meat is not resistant, it sinks and rises very slowly. The rare meat has no resistance but goes up quickly to recreate a flat surface. The perfect meat does not sink almost.

- A small reminder note: never cover the meat. It could lose its juice and harden. Surplus water must evaporate on the surface. Besides, do you know that smoke is not what burns, but water vapor?!

- Let the meat rest on a warm plate or cutting board, covered with aluminum foil and a cloth to keep it warm. During cooking, the juices of the meat are concentrated in the center of the room and are not sufficiently retained by the fibers of the meat. If you sliced ​​it immediately after cooking, the juices would spread on the cutting board and the meat would dry up, which would be a shame. To keep a juicy piece, you have to give the juice time to spread itself again in the whole piece of meat. Do not be afraid that she will cool, under her little towel, she will stay at the right temperature. Wait 5-10 minutes depending on the cooking time.

Posted on May 12, 2018 at 05:13 PM