The Social Networking Stage that Pays

Tsu is a brand new Social Networking platform. It was started only a couple years back. The platform is invitation only. You require a special invitation code that they call "shortcodes" to join. Unlike most of the other social media startups which were created around exactly the same time, Tsu is flourishing. Tsu has an active community, although a lot of the other stages died off. It's taking market share away from the big name firms like Twitter and Facebook. Facebook is really stressed that any reference of Tsu is deleted. You can not mention the name in opinions, graphics, and posts. Even Instagram(possessed by Facebook) does not permit you to mention Tsu. You may be wondering why big name social networking firms like Facebook are becoming stressed. It's because Tsu pays you to share initial content!

Tsu works in a way that is similar to the rest of the social networking platforms. Pictures, ideas, videos, links, views, etc. can be shared by you The one important difference is that TSU PAYS YOUThey support high quality, original content to be posted by users. Spamming is frowned upon on this particular stage. They take actions to stop junk. On this particular website there's #likeforlike or no #followforfollow. Since they enjoy the content they share individuals follow eachother. As a result of this, you are paid a share of advertising sales by Tsu. Actually Tsu just gets 10% of the sales. The users get the remainder.

Here is the way that it functions! You as a user post content. You create money from the ads shown in your page. Tsu takes the other 90% as well as 10% is broken up for the users. You get 40%, the individual who invited you to the stage gets 33%, the individual who invited them gets 3.3%, the man that invited them gets .33%, and so on. It works due to the law of thirds that are unlimited. You're also bringing in cash from their ads too, when you invite folks. The notion is difficult to put into words eloquently. Please forgive me if I did a poor job describing it. The picture below can help you make more sense of it. !

Here is the link in the event you'd like to join. Don't forget, the platform is invitation only, so you better sign up in case you have some uncertainties. It may be awhile until you stumble upon another invitation link. ;) !

This really is my favourite social media platform. It's cleaner(less spammy) than all the other social networking platforms. I've just been for several days on the website, and I'm already making money. I enjoy how they give incentives for folks to post content that is initial. This is what makes the platform so exceptional. I look forward to each of the new members on the platform. Don't forget to follow me! (:

Posted on November 13, 2015 at 10:23 AM